September 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

So now basically we all know the position in the team and what should we do in the following time.

The first thing is finding a way to connect the 3d model to second life.

Uploading to second life cost $10 Linden dollar (1 Linden Dollar:4-5 HK dollar), so we decide try something else before we actually pay for the upload.

The OpenSim is a tool for testing in second Life. As it is unofficial, therefore it is quite difficult to actually use it.

With those messy versions, I managed to find a binary version without error. OpenSim itself is a kind of like server for second life.

By connecting the original second life to opensim, we can really test something on it now.

The following step is not researched yet. I think the entire 3D file can be put into the opensims file, which eventually appears in the second life tester.

If it is work, then all the texture mapping, model tuning, and follow-up evaluation can be done.

At the same time, the 1st proposal is on its way.

And we took the picture of the new multimedia building, getting to know the shape of it.

However, we still need to figure out the material used in the outer wall, such as glasses and solid wall.

The whole building looks interesting…wonder what it is like in the rainy day.

The building shape can be divided into 4 parts. However, I think we need to do it level by level. It comes with the problem that if each level got rooms, and those rooms got furniture. The prim number is going to be huge, which cannot be allowed in second life. Each island or land you owned is given certain number of prim. One can never buy extra prim so to say, but I am wondering if there is exception for others.


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