O3D – a javascript 3D Engine from Google

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Google Experiment

I randomly ran into a website showing all kinds of 3D cool animations and experiments.


It gave a lot of sample that what javascript can do in 3D way. I never thought of javascript can do such a thing!

From the past few months, I am impressed that javascript can be so flexible! jQuery and O3D is going to make it more interesting and practical to web site development. Best of javascipt is providing instant interaction to users!! Nice!

I am planning in go depth in 3D javascript with the reason not only due to the good looking, also I reckon the future web development is going to get more and more interaction element in it. A web page is expected to be more entertainment and interaction. 3D is a very good eye candy to all, so implementing it into javascript is the best of the best. However, it seems Internet Explorer is not going to support it in foreseeable future. Well, to me, I think Microsoft will provide it at last as this is going to be a trend , there is no point stopping it.

I will post the investigating about O3D in the following days. Just keep record :]


Soc-c Soccer League

October 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Soc-c Website

I got this project from my friend, and it was a static website and people had to manually input all soccer game’s record. It sounds pretty time wasting.

So my job is turning the website into a dynamic with database support one. It really saves manpower and time if the information of those soccer game and players are getting more and more. And it can centralize all information, and people do not need to get headache in identifying the correct data source.

Other than that, I also implemented a CMS system behind, allowing my friend and his staff being able to manage the website without involving me. Save me a lot of trouble. :] Staff can do all sort of add,modify,delete operations toward Games, Players, Team and e.t.c.

This is the first website project I ever done, so it is sort of a experiment to me, and it eventually turns out well.

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