Interim Report Submission

January 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Project Title: SCM Inworld (Second Life)

Member 1: # Wan Lik Kwong, Nick (50939469) 

Member 2: So Mei Fong, Tracy (50668801)

Member 3: Cheng Ka Chun,Issac (50774529)

1st Advisor: IP, Horace Ho Shing

2nd Advisor: YIP, Koala Cho Fung

Link to FYP Interim Report: here


Wiimote hacking

October 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

Wiimote will be one of the SCM Inworld features as a presentation. The method to hack the wiimote is easy enough by using key mapping.

I bought the Bluetooth Dongle for connecting the wiimote, something similar to above image.

After that I will use a software called Bluesoleil.

This is one of the handy bluetooth software in market. And it is free, but only allow you to transfer certain data.

From the keyboard usage, it can be done without any doubt, but using the wiimote to pretend the mouse movement is still unknown.

The software we use for key mapping is Glovepie. It is a separated little program.

The script in Glovepie is pretty easy, but the disadvantage is that this is an Ad-Hoc application. Not a very user friend one.

As Second Life is a official client, so it would not be possible to connect two kinds of program together. Instead, I aims to promote the interactivity element that CAN and will be done in future.

Other than wiimote hacking, I am well ready for the presentation, and so does the material for it.

Also, I am thinking a financial planner is needed in the group as group mates need to share the cost of FYP. It can be done by the google document which is basically an online document database.

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